Dhan Nu Vavetar means wealth multiplication through the systematic and strategic planning of your finances.

Dhan Nu Vavetar is a product of DDRWM – DD’s Real Wealth Maximizer.

DDRWM was started by two visionaries Deepak Dhabalia and Jigna Dhabalia in the year 2009, with a single belief, “Dream big and then make those dreams come true”.

Abided by this belief, DD’S brand promise is to help people attain financial freedom through smart investment planning.

Financial Freedom. It’s what we at DD’s Real Wealth Maximizer help you to create and cherish. At DD’s the aim is to help you achieve your financial goals.

Nestled in the economic hub of India, Mumbai, DDRWM serves its clients from across the nation.

At DDRWM it has been our constant endeavour to create a meaningful transformation in the lives of the people whom we have touched.

The chief objective of DDRWM Is “To create a legacy of Abundance, Purposefulness and Togetherness so that people live fulfilled life for the generations to come all across the Globe and Beyond…”

With an aim to enable our clients to achieve financial freedom, we are associated with L.I.C., G.I.C., and MUTUAL FUNDS. We handle major portfolio by enhancing client’s financial assets.

At DD’s we pay utmost attention to hand-pick the right-minded, highly trained personnel, who can efficiently manage our clients’ wealth portfolio. As we cater progressive business owners who have from diversified industries and with different investment budgets.


Our clients come from every corner of the nation. They are large institutions, parents and grandparents, teachers, nurses, doctors and people from all walks of life. They endow their savings to us.

We prioritize the goals of clients and work dedicatedly towards achieving those goals. We are obliged to give them insight into what we to do with their savings. We suggest products and services that can help them to build a achieve their financial goals.

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Financial planning is a process of preparing the roadmap to help you achieve your financial goals.

At, Dhan Nu Vavetar, the process is initiated by understanding your current financial circumstances. Our Investment experts analyse the past, present and future and help you to set your financial goals. We then look into your income, expenditure pattern, risk profile, cash flows, asset allocation, existing investments, insurances, assets and liabilities, etc. and suggest you an appropriate investment strategy to enable you to achieve your financial goals.