Dhan Nu Vavetaer is a team of professionals who can help you to organize your finances, projecting the results of your wealth and investments in order to help you understand how well prepared you are for retirement, your child’s upbringing, protecting your family etc.

We, at Dhan Nu Vavetar, help you to make decisions with your money that will help you reach your financial goals as efficiently as possible.

The level of education, experience and expertise that our professionals have will make a big difference in the quality of advice you receive and the decisions you make.


We give you following advice –

  • While managing your finances, what you need to do differently
  • To meet your financial goals how much do you need to save
  • What types of retirement accounts you need to have in your portfolio so that you don’t compromise on your lifestyle after retirement
  • What type of mortgage you should/shouldn’t have
  • What type and how much insurance you need to have in order to protect your family
  • How much you need in your emergency fund
  • What changes in savings and investments will improve your tax situations
  • How much returns you need to achieve your financial goals in a given time frame
  • What is your risk tolerance and what level of investment risk should you take


At Dhan Nu Vavetar we don’t recommend until we understand your financial goals and have created a long-term financial plan for you.