At Dhan Nu Vavetar, we help you build investment planning that works for you. We believe “Purpose must decide the choice”. We help you to determine your financial goals and your objectives.

We evaluate your current financial standing and with the help of eight governing principles of wealth management, we help you pick your assets. Based on your income, your objectives, your risk tolerance and the time frame, we help you choose your investment assets.


Some investments entail risk, risk that you might not realize your financial goal. We help you diversify in order to reduce the investment risk. This does not nullify the swings in investment value, however it reduces the impact to minimal.


At Dhan Nu Vavetar we help you keep emotions and impulses at bay while making an investment decision. We lay out a thorough list of all the choices that meet your defined financial goal. Evaluate its pros and cons and calculate its risk and returns. Finally, we help you to narrow your investment choices to the ones that you feel confident about.