You will be astounded to know there are over 100 types of cancers and any part of the body can be affected. As per the report of Economic Times, Aug 05, 2015

The report further reads, “In India alone, about 10 lakh people are diagnosed with cancer every year and another six to seven lakh die of it. By 2035, these numbers may almost double to 17 lakh new patients and 12 lakh deaths per annum.”

Cancer Cover is a fixed benefit health insurance plan that offers payouts for the treatment of cancer. Irrespective of the stage of cancer, this Cancer Cover Plan will offer benefits and expenses incurred in the treatment.

Cancer Cover Plan term ranges from 10 to 30 years.

Anyone can be affected by cancer, but important is to stay financially equipped to fight this life-threatening disease. Cancer Cover Policy helps you in doing so.


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