Retirement is a new phase of life. Although it is believed that retirement is a prolonged vacation, but in reality, retirement brings along with it a huge financial responsibility. If this financial responsibility is not planned seriously beforehand, your retirement may turn into a living nightmare.

At Money Multiplier, we help you plan for your retirement to make sure you enjoy every moment of it to fullest without any worries about finances.

Initiating with a financial health check, we help you determine your financial goals – both short term as well as long-term – including for your child’s education investment planning, marriage investment planning, retirement investment planning, buying a dream home, buying a luxurious car, etc.

However, when it comes to retirement planning we help you to distinguish between living off your money rather than continuing to work solely to make more.

Working in order to stay active is altogether a different thing. But our goal at Money Multiplier is to make work your true choice, not a necessity.


  1. We begin by getting an estimate of your current expenses. Keeping an estimated scope of inflation in your retirement budget calculation, we decide how much funds will you require actually post your retirement to manage your life smoothly.
  2. With age might come health complications. Hence, we keep an estimation of health care cost considering the involved inflation, we equip you to tackle any such medical emergencies in future.
  3. We help you to determine your expected retirement income based on your investments for the golden age.
  4. Retirement is not just being equipped financially but emotionally as well. We thus, help you to be prepared emotionally for the new phase of your life.