Mutual Funds are professionally managed investment schemes where money is invested in different instruments such as –

  • EQUITY FUNDS. These are invested exclusively in the equities of domestic companies listed on stock exchanges. Equity is categorized as high-risk funds.
  • MONEY MARKET FUNDS.These are mainly meant for investors looking for easy liquidity and returns in the short-term. Money Market is categorized as low-risk funds.
  • DEBT FUNDS.It is considered as an alternative to Fixed Deposits. Debt funds invest in fixed-income securities. They are categorized as low-risk funds.
  • BALANCED FUNDS.A combination of fixed income securities (debt) and equity funds. Hence offers a balanced portfolio to investors.


Mutual Funds are managed by professional people, who have years of experience in market analysis. They have knowledge and expertise to take a call on buying and selling of funds. Fund managers can prevent your portfolio from becoming stagnant.

Mutual Funds ensure –

  • Right Amount of Diversification
  • Flexibility
  • Professional Assistance
  • Accessibility
  • Liquidity
  • Tax Benefits