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Today, we live in the digital age, where everything is available on the Internet right from simple things to complex calculations – Financial Calculators.

Calculating finances can help you identify your current financial circumstances. Free online calculators assist you with many aspects of finance and investment planning. For instance – How much can you borrow through to what happens to your loan when you make extra payments, etc.

Online financial calculators help you to instantly figure out what’s your cost of living, how much you need to invest to buy your dream house, how much you need to invest to buy a dream car, how many corpora do you need to have to fund your use to lifestyle.

Online calculators are valuable to improve financial literacy among visitors, it is one of the most essential segments of our website.

Money Multiplier Online financial calculators serve as an aid to answering the most common personal finance questions like whether you should save money or pay off debt and whether you’ll have enough corpus to fund your use to lifestyle after retirement.

Here are certain financial planning calculators that can be a great help.Financial Calculators for Money Multiplication


Child education planning calculator helps you to plan and to be prepared for your child’s future needs for your child’s education expenses. With the growing inflation, the education cost is rising like a tide.

The calculations are based on factors such as your child’s age, years in hand, inflation rate, the cost of education at that time, monthly saving etc.


A grand destination wedding for children is every parent’s dream. However, with the rising cost of use to lifestyle and increasing inflation, meeting the expenses of a marriage may seem to be pretty challenging, if not pre-planned.

Our marriage-planning calculator helps you consider your child’s marriage as a financial goal. It gives you a clear picture of how much you need to save and invest month on month from today onwards.


Insurance is a way to prepare yourself and your family to manage the risks of potential loss. Insurance companies invest the funds securely, so it can grow, and pay out when there’s a claim.

In today’s age, insurance is an inevitable need.

Money Multiplier Insurance Planning Calculator can help you to get an estimated amount of the life cover you need to protect yourself and your family based on your inputs and assumptions.


Our retirement planning calculator is a great tool to start evaluating your current retirement investing plans.

Our tool takes into consideration your current age, current income and saving rate, your current cost of use to lifestyle, years in hand, etc. While it is no substitute for a professional financial planner, it’s a great tool to start with.


Our Wealth Builder Calculator is designed with the belief that everybody should know their financial status. This financial calculator is not only easy-to-use, but it will help you to figure out how much you need to invest month on month to build desired wealth.


Becoming wealthy is everyone’s dream, but not everyone can achieve it. Our SIP calculator helps you determine how much you need to invest every month in order to create the desired corpus.

Our tool takes into consideration the desired corpus amount, years in hand, etc.


Owning a house seems to be a challenging task for many individuals. Our buying a house calculator helps you calculate how much amount you need to invest month on month in order to accumulate a corpus for buying your dream house.


We live in an age where most of us buy things through easy finance. In such a scenario, Investment for buying a dream car may sound too odd, isn’t it?

Dhan Nu Vavetar’s buying a car calculator will help you develop a financial plan for investment that you need to buy your dream car in the defined time frame.


Simple Tax Calculator by Money Multiplier can help you calculate your financial situation, your current income and expense sheet, and the tax that you need to pay. It helps you improve your tax efficiency in few simple and easy to use steps.


We all love the thought of saving, investing and creating wealth. However, when it comes to taking action, we find it tough. It is because; we have no proper planning or budgeting to produce any result.

Dhan Nu Vavetar’s Personal Budget Calculator helps you to analyze your expenses and to put a cap on the unnecessary or controllable expenses.

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